Aloha IM5

I'm just here for the lovelyness that is Tumblr! ^_^ I do IM5 imagines, but it takes me a while to write them because I make them about 3pages ;) So at the moment I have a list, BUT I WILL FINISH EACH ONE I PROMISE

ohmigosh will don’t do this to me </3 your face is so perfect…

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wow havenโ€™t made a photoset in like 85 years

photo credit: x


no you donโ€™t understand like i have literally watched the disney dudez video like a hundred times now and i cannot stop staring at will.

like during the entire video heโ€™s got this goofy grin on his face like





how is he even real


One time I had a dream where Gabe was sitting in the corner,Will was crying while watching a Taco Bell commercial, Cole was singing to himself and Dana was saying swag over and over while taking selfies.

I think this accurately represents them.



oh god this guy has my heart??

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